Polygraph Vetting Services

Criminal history verification; employment/reference verification; educational verification; credit history verification; voice stress analysis.

Polygraph Vetting Services provide on-site and off-site polygraph (lie detector) testing services in Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and cross border.


Polygraph Vetting Services are qualified (Degree in Psychology).

Fully qualified and highly experienced, having gained qualification from a facility accredited by the American Polygraph Association.Member of the American Polygraph Association.

American International Institute of Polygraph (Polygraph Training)

American Polygraph and Voice stress Analyst (Voice Stress Training)–Polygraph Procedures, Forensic Interviewing, Kinesics Interview and Interrogation Technique (questioning a suspect or witness to establish if the subject is lying or telling the truth), Statement Analysis

Dr Micki Pistorius – Psychologist (Intelligence Profiling), Personality Disorders/Body language, Physiological signs– involved with profiling SA most infamous serial killers 

Chuck Slupski – US Army Polygraph School, Director and Instructor at the Department of Defence Polygraph School. He was the president of the American Polygraph Association (Validated Techniques, Countermeasures, Interrogation – Reid technique)

Dr Kobus Jonker – Satanic Cults in SA. Occult related Crime Unit in the SAPS. Trauma and criminal involvement within Satanic Cults, Mind controls within Satanic Cults.

PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) qualified with Grade A, competency, B, C, D

Afiswitch Training – Fingerprint Scanning


12 years Law Enforcement Agency experience at the Department of Justice. working with all the Law Enforcement Agencies in South Africa at the Office for the Control of Interception and Monitoring of Communications (gathering information for court purposes in high profile cases presented to a Judge in the high court).

The experience of Polygraph Vetting Services:

  • ​Truth Verification
  • Statement Verification
  • False accusation
  • Theft from Family member
  • Armed robbery involvement cases
  • Anti-poaching cases
  • Testify as expert in Disciplinary and CCMA cases 
  • Verification of Drug use/selling/buying (dealing)
  • Rape Victims & Suspects
  • Prevent Farm attack: Identify possible suspects

Corporate Clients

  • ​Pre-employment Screening: Retail & Warehouses
  • Employment Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Random Integrity Screening: Storerooms, Security, Cleaning Companies, Steel companies, Taxidermy (theft of animal’s body parts for the use of ‘muti’
  • Security guards: Misconduct
  • Attorneys: Statement verifications: witnesses and/or possible suspects
  • Private Game Lodge: Anti-rhino poaching, killing of white lions for ‘muti’ use of traditional medicine.
  • Hospitality Industries: Theft
  • Schools: Allegations/theft/bullying (intimidation)

Government Agencies:

  • ​South African Police Services – Theft, Poaching, Drugs, Muti killings of lions for traditional medicine.
  • PSIRA – Security Companies


  • A second opinion and quality check are performed. 
  • Member of the American Polygraph Association (APA).Following APA standard practice procedures.
  • Fully qualified and highly experienced, having gained qualification from American International Institute of Polygraph (AIIP), a facility accredited by the American Polygraph Association.

Magda Weideman
Cell No: 071 676 2855
E-mail: info@polygraphvetting.co.za