Lasting Legacy Entertainment

Lasting Legacy Entertainment: Inspired by True Events

Services, amongst other, include: Set Design, Audiovisual, Décor & Effects, Catering, Grounds, Stage, Sound and Lights, Security, Tents, Artists and Entertainers, Master of Ceremonies, Beauty Pageants, Team Building, Venues, Congress, Year End Functions, Ambassadors/ Promo Staff, Dancers, Flame Throwers, Choreography, Customized Entertainment, Workshops, Road Shows, Seminars, Event Branding, Public Relations and Communication Services, Social Media, Speed Fencing, Ablution Facilities, Health & Safety, Basic Entertainment, Official Supplier: Kramer Hardware, Kramer Cables, Kramer Connectors, Elite Screens and NEC Products, Motivational Speakers, Kids Entertainment, Food Stalls, Shuttle Service, Top Class DJ’s, Assistance with ticket sales via Ticketpro.

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