A group of extraordinary people with a dedication that matches no other, decided to take hands and fight back, take back and save lives. The HERITAGE PROTECTION GROUP is a NON-PROFIT organisation with a sole purpose – to fight, prevent and investigate serious violent crime and to support the environment with the fight against and the prevention of rhino poaching.

Our Focus & Service Area

HPG will initially cover only the Limpopo Province. We currently focus heavily on training, and will continue with developing individuals to assist us, the South African Police and others in two main areas.

Our Services

Our professional services includes, but are not limited to, Crime Prevention, Criminal Tracking, Scene Investigation & Forensics, Victims & Witness Support, and Rhino Poaching.

Get Involved!


Become part of this historical, extraordinary and exiting initiative.

Heritage Protection Group is a NON-PROFIT organisation and therefore solely dependent on community, corporate and individual contributions, financial or otherwise.
There are multiple ways in which you can get involved with the HPG initiative and we urge you to please do.

Website: http://www.heritageprotectiongroup.co.za/

Team Members

Sakkie Louwrens • Director
071 798 7954   Email

Ben Engelbrecht • Director
083 380 1582   Email

Steven Vermaak • Director
082 316 7760   Email

Elmari Silvestri • Marketing
082 253 2381   Email

Mariska Freeman • Head Office
072 691 8718   Email